Product type: Play Vehicles & RC
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: Western Europe
Trade show: NA

INJUSA works thinking of you INJUSA was born as a family business and we can say today that still preserves the spirit of union, teamwork and continuous improvement. Essence that it is reflected in the result of their more than 850,000 toys manufactured each year, their designs and finishes and the trust placed the leading distributors of national and international renown of more than 120 countries that sell INJUSA products through their different sales channels and toy store.

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INJUSA was founded as BERMISAN in 1947 from the hand of Antonio Berbegal Verdú, its founder, dedicated to the manufacture of trucks, ships and cars of wood and metal miniature, but until 1951 would not acquire the current designation of Industrial Juguetera, S.A. (INJUSA). It was during the 1970s he began a period of expansion in the company with the entry of two capitalist partners, and which allowed him to maintain an upward development screening. It is then when INJUSA stood as the first Spanish company to manufacture bicycles and tricycles used as manufacturing material metal tubes that they got drums of vacuum oil, after a curious process based on be rolled like a cigarette.
At the end of the 1970s, early 1980s, INJUSA became the Spanish pioneer in bringing to market a line of children’s large vehicles with performance battery. Such was the success of this product line, allowing INJUSA to become global leader in this field.
Today, manufactured in the factory of Alicante INJUSA electric vehicles battery, tricycles, pedal cars, motorcycle runs corridors, hardware and garden toys as playhouses, swings and slides.
In INJUSA we care to detail the quality of the productive processes that start with an idea in innovation, to be subsequently transferred to production. The first step after the idea is the manufacture of molds that will shape the INJUSA toys.
The company spends each year a game to investment in modernization and efficiency of machinery, so INJUSA toys can be maintained as a reference point in the international market. IML labelling (In Mould Labeling) is one of the most important value propositions carried out INJUSA in pioneering and still today manufactured with this system of decoration due to the success in terms of quality and safety that gives this process to the product during the manufacture.
INJUSA we believe that a sustainable world is possible and therefore promote actions that ensure a necessary involvement and commitment to care for and respect the environment in the daily exercise of our activities.
Each year we update our environmental policy and ensure compliance with environmental legislation, in addition to acquiring voluntary commitments while the law does not require it, we consider to be positive for the environment such as recycling and genstión responsible for the waste that we generate.
Research in this field is essential to get new sustainable plastic formulas. For this reason, we participate in ecotourism projects in a constant search for making toys 100% sustainable.
For equipment INJUSA manufacture toys range is a maximum. That is why in our production process we have a quality assurance Department dedicated exclusively to ensure the standards of quality required INJUSA brand through stringent controls. Only in this way we can ensure the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers.
Our manufacture Made in Spain is another of warranties of quality of our products, since we comply with regulations European, known to be the most stringent in the world in terms of quality and child safety.

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