Ice Cable

Ice Cable

Product type: Electronics Accessories
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

ICE is a manufacturer of low voltage wire and cable headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Since our inception, ICE Cable Systems has been a leading United States manufacturer of low-voltage wire and cable. We supply integrators, contractors and installers with high-quality cable, including Speaker Cable, Category/Data Cable, Coaxial/Video Cable, Alarm Wire, Structured Wiring, Plenum Cables, control cables and cables for specialty systems—all at competitive prices. We know that your business can benefit from our unbeatable combination of product quality, selection, price and service.

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Since we began in 2004, ICE Cable Systems has been in the forefront as a leading United States manufacturer of low-voltage wire and cable. We deliver high-quality cable, specialty cable and wire to integrators, contractors and installers at better than competitive prices. We also work closely with and serve the security, audio video, datacomm and structured cable markets in both residential and commercial applications.

Out of the leading vendors in residential cabling, we’re one of the only companies to offer a complete one-stop-shopping solution with a wide, varied and exciting selection of products. In addition, our manufacturing facilities rival the most efficient, cost-effective, state-of-the-art plants anywhere in the world. This enables us to produce high-quality cable for the constantly growing cable market at tremendously attractive pricing.

ICE Cable Systems has the inventory you need for even the most intricate, complicated project. We also offer a generous FREE freight policy that further reduces your cost by eliminating the need for you to purchase and store excessive inventory.

We sell nationwide through a network of close to 35 distributors and at over 40 locations with warehousing on both coasts that can provide one to two-day shipping to almost the entire country.

At ICE Cable Systems, we are on the forefront of the industry, producing earth-friendly materials. We only sell and manufacture environmentally friendly cable that is fully RoHS compliant.

ICE was chosen for the Wired Magazine/LivingHomes Green project. This project is best described as “A Showcase of the Best in Sustainability, Technology, and Design.” Working together on this innovative project, LivingHomes and Wired Magazine constructed a modern, luxury Southern California residence that is an example of how people can effectively balance green living with high technology and high design.

We were honored to be a part of this amazing endeavor for a number of reasons. The 4,057 sq. ft. Wired LivingHome residence was designed to attain at least a Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes Program. It also has 36% more efficient energy use than a comparable conventional residence. The home contains a state-of-the-art home automation control system provided by Control4.

This technology allows home theater, smart lighting, temperature and biometric iris recognition security to all work together through both in-home and over-the-web remote control technology. The home also features an array of innovative personal electronics, as well as a solar powered weather station. And ICE Cable Systems provided the connectivity that made it all work!

ICE was also designated as the cable of choice for Project 710, one of only a few homes in America that has been awarded the LEED Platinum certification. This exciting house can virtually live “off the grid.” It emits no harmful gases and has utilized the latest in recycled materials in everything ranging from its insulation to lumber to the steel supports. And again, ICE was chosen to be the cable provider.

At ICE, we offer all the accessories integrators need and we offer them at distributor-level pricing – generally 25% less than our competitors. We also supply tools, connectors, low voltage rings, pre-terminated cables and much more, so even if an installer does not do business with us on their wire and cable needs, it would be a smart and moneysaving idea for them to buy all their accessories from ICE!

Integrators, installers and business owners should consider all their needs when buying cable – and they should pause for a moment before the typical knee-jerk reaction of buying on lowest price. Installers need instant availability. They need to place just one PO rather than 4 or 5. They need products that optimize their pre-wires and job efficiency and they shouldn’t even have to think about the many problems associated with freight. They deserve and should get all the benefits associated with using premium cable. And at the end of the day, they should pay less for all of it. That’s what we at ICE believe and what we offer.

Brian Rizzo

With 18 years of hands-on experience in the high-end audio-cable technology industry, Brian has dedicated more than eight years to wire and cable. In 1998 he got an education in high-end audio cable technology as a National Sales Manager for a U.S. based cable manufacturer. Then, in 1999 Rizzo created a line of audio-video interconnects that has since become a national brand. He then created a line of speaker cables for residential home pre-wires.

After consulting for a major US cable manufacturer in 2003, Rizzo founded Installer’s Choice Electronics, a Los Angeles-based distribution company with a strong emphasis on wire and cable. Quickly, the cable portion of the company took on a life of its own, and ICE Cable Systems was born.

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