Hollon Safe

Hollon Safe

Product type: File & Storage Cabinets, Safes
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Strength in Design: Each Hollon safe is designed to the top of our industries standards. They maintain one of the highest standards of design and durability in the industry. From their experience they have learned to design a safe for durability. This attention to quality combined with their extensive product testing insures the durability of Hollon products. Strength in Quality: Before the Hollon Safe name is attached to each safe, the safe must undergo a rigid list of inspections. They take protecting their customers’ assets very seriously, and they are striving to be the best. Strength in Community: They give back to the communities that support them. Their goal is to develop long term relationships with their locksmiths and customers and they fully understand that reciprocation is crucial to any good relationship. Hollon Safes believes in law of tithe and strives to give back 10% of profits to charitable and civic causes around the country.

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Meet Head Honcho of Hollon Safe Company Zack Gilmore

Let me welcome you to Hollon Safe – a different kind of safe company. We make higher quality safes (they exceed industry standards for design, strength and durability) than others on the market … yet our prices are 20% to 50% less than our competitors’. Much of these savings are possible because we sell directly to our customers … thus bypassing the markup from a “middle man.” To sweeten the deal, we also offer free shipping when you buy six or more safes.

It should be no surprise, then, why we have been one of the fastest-growing safe manufacturers in the nation.

I started Hollon Safe in 2007, but the idea came to me several years earlier. I realized there was a need for a company like ours when I was still a locksmith.

I was tired of some companies that were selling pricey safes that were little more than useless hunks of metal or even plastic… and others that sold quality safes – but at prices I considered unreasonably high.

The notion occurred to me that someone had to do something about the situation – and that someone was me! I had purchased my first locksmith shop and dedicated myself to the trade. As a result, I was able to increase sales by 300% in only four years. I then sold the business at a hefty enough profit to start Hollon Safe.

If there’s one thing my dad taught me, it’s to do your best … be your best … and offer your best. In fact, “Only the best” was his favorite saying – and the way he did business. And it’s the same philosophy upon which I’ve built Hollon Safe Co. (By the way, Dad was born in the back of a flower shop, and grew up to become one of the top florists in the world during 1970s and early ’80s. That’s pretty impressive, and I learned a lot about business from him … especially how to treat customers.)

We are a family-owned business … and we treat our customers like extended family. We also have a heart for others … which is why we donate 10% of our profits to charity.

So, again … welcome. Feel free to make yourself at home and take a look around. I know you’ll be happy with what Hollon Safe has to offer – quality you can measure at a price that won’t break your bank.

Zack Gilmore

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