Product type: Musical Instruments
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Hohner Inc. does business with some of the top retailers in the world including Amazon.com, CostCo, Best Buy, Sam Ash and Guitar Center, top national distributors such as Kaman Music Corp. and hundreds of independent music stores. Working with many iconic artists like Steven Tyler, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon's estate, Hohner Inc. has recently created several signature harmonica products that promote the utilization of the harmonica in the music of these legendary musicians. Hohner Inc. consistently strives to promote the magic of the harmonica, accordion, ukulele, guitar, and drums to musicians of all ages and ability.

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Worldwide, millions of music lovers play instruments by HOHNER and SONOR. Beginners, advanced players and professionals of all ages and in all musical styles value their reliability, quality and outstanding product design, created in cooperation with musicians to meet their specific needs. Pop, rock and blues artists from all over the world, TexMex or Vallenato players in Central and Latin America, harmonica orchestras in Asia, jazz and classical musicians in Europe, or iconic stars like Bob Dylan or Stevie Wonder – they all live the joy of music every day with instruments from HOHNER and SONOR.

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