Product type: Medical Supplies & Equipments
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

As a leading manufacturer / distributor of multiple lines of high quality electric Mobility Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, Custom Rehab and Manual Wheelchairs, HeartWay® U.S.A. is the direct source for medical products priced to expedite sales and processed for fast delivery deadlines.Our mission is to supply dealers with products that will allow their customers the ability to be safe, comfortable and enjoy more independence in their mobility needs.

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Heartway Medical Products Co. Ltd is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of quality lines of power scooters, power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Founded in 1995, Heartway Medical was created by a group of mobility professionals, each averaging over 15 years of experience in the industry. The company has developed a group of medical products to accommodate the needs of mobility demands worldwide. The company has a manufacturing base in Taiwan. Since 2001, Heartway power wheelchairs and scooters have been available in the United States. Their products have become one of the top brands by bringing advanced features, innovative designs and affordable pricing. Heartway products are sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America by an established network of high quality DME/HME providers. They have chosen carefully their providers to ensure that the customers who buy the products will obtain a high level of service commensurate with the quality of the products.

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