Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

HAVA is being praised as a sling that brings together ultimate comfort and uncompromising style. With a passion for babywearing being lived out in our family since 2000, we are pleased to offer top of the line baby slings, manufactured right here in Texas.

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Our BlessingsGreetings! We are Mark and Rebecca, baby wearers since 2000. Trying numerous baby carriers with our high maintenance firstborn, we discovered the comfort of nurturing our baby using our first SlingEZee. After two years, I (Rebecca) became a distributor for SlingEZee, simply because I was constantly asked where I got my sling from. I kept a box of SlingEZee’s in the trunk of my car for those interested in purchasing one. In 2003, due to work/family imbalance, Mark exited the high tech world and began an online store called Nurtured Family featuring SlingEZee and, at the time, just one brand of nursing bra and one brand of cloth diaper. We thought it would be a short-term hobby until Mark figured out what he’d be doing next! We’re happy to say that we were wrong. Our business grew, as did our relationship with Tracy, the creator of SlingEZee. We quickly transformed from just being distributors, to being good friends. When Tracy asked if we would be interested in acquiring the SlingEZee brand, we were thrilled. Thus, Baby Holdings Inc. was born in January 2007. SlingEZee has a long, rich history, going back to Tracy’s influence from Dr. William Sears, now widely known as an author and supporter of attachment parenting and good nutrition. Dr. Sears, who was her son’s pediatrician, considered Tracy’s son to be a high need baby. SlingEZee came about in 1987, at Tracy’s kitchen table. Tracy started as a sling distributor for Dr. Sears, but as changes were made, she veered off on her own with the support of La Leche League International. Tracy improved upon the sling design greatly, always keeping the breastfeeding mother first and foremost in her mind for every design element. In 2008, we improved upon SlingEZee’s design yet again, adding greater adjustability and giving SlingEZee a fresh, fashionable look.

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