Product type: Body Care, Health Care, Vitamins & Dietary Supplements, Women Skin Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: Eastern Asia, North America, South America, Southeast Asia
Trade show: NA

Haba is the acronym for "Health Aid Beauty,' which means that Haba assist your health and beauty. We give the top priority to safety, adopting a "non-additive" mindset in product development.

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Our domestic business mainly consists of mail-order and shop sales, while distributing to drug /variety stores all over Japan and also by internet. “MUTENKA TSUSHIN”, the monthly catalog, being sent to all registered customers, is the biggest sales tool, while being the important textbook of beauty and health. We have more than seventy HABA shops in Japan, located in reputed department stores, famous shopping malls, etc. to communicate directly with customers. Having call centers to receive orders and to provide beauty consultation on the phone, we have set up the satisfactory customer service system so that we can deliver our beauty theory and right product knowledge to all who want to learn for their beauty and health.

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