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At GymyGym our sincere goal is to help better your life. We seek to transform your work environment into a space which will help you achieve our three core goals. 1. To improve your health, by allowing you to stay active and in shape throughout your work day. 2. To improve your work, by helping you experience the mental and physical benefits of physical motion and movement throughout your work day. 3. To improve your life, by helping you to transform your health and fitness by living a more active and lifestyle during the times you need it most. If we can help you achieve these goals, then we have achieved ours

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In today’s business climate, the average working adult will spend a minimum of eight hours a day seated at a desk in front of a computer. This stressful working climate is taking its toll on our health and well being.

Most people are never taught the proper seating posture and physically correct routines needed to avoid the repetitious movements that continually keep our bodies out of their proper alignment. The results cause a variety of chronic and acute physical health challenges including aches, pains and muscle stiffness that can over time grow into more serious problems, including:

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
2. Spinal Stenosis
3. Spondylosthesis
4. Generalized Disk Disease

The inactivity of remaining in a seated position throughout the day causes our muscles to weaken, our bones to thin and our limbic system (responsible for the body’s immunity to illness) to become sluggish and inefficient. Hours of sitting slows blood flow and can result in the formation of blood clots, known as deep vein thrombosis.

What affects the body also affects the mind. Prolonged physical discomfort results in increased mental stress, which can disrupt concentration, inhibits creativity and negatively affects our performance.

The solution? Gymygym – the world’s first ergonomic exercise chair designed for our modern lives.

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