Green Corner

Green Corner

Product type: Outdoor Cushion, Umbrella & Gazebos
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Greencorner has been designing and manufacturing the finest quality, customizable patio umbrellas and parasols for over 20 years; specifically engineered to withstand the wear and tear of the harshest commercial applications.

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Almost three decades ago, under the sun soaked skies of Los Angeles CA, we took notice of a trend in the hospitality industry. Commercial venues were recreating the ambiance of the “old world” outdoor corner market in a more contemporary setting. In these new “green corner markets,” patrons needed shelter and comfort from the blazing sun and adverse weather. Greencorner’s journey to fulfill the need for larger oversized umbrellas that could withstand the daily rigors of commercial usage started here.

We knew that designing and manufacturing a viable oversized commercial umbrella for the hospitality industry would present some unique challenges. As it turns out, many of those challenges were already resolved through the best of sailing. For centuries, artisan craftsmen have been mastering the harshest conditions on the world’s high seas. To this day we proudly embrace those same high quality materials, technology and craftsmanship in our current line of market umbrellas.

We saw that iconic Hollywood sign upon the hill as an aspirational marketing message. Realizing that the Greencorner umbrella too could be used as a medium to build brand recognition or advertise, we began to emphasize marketing options that maximize our partners’ return on investment beyond just shade. Today Greencorner umbrellas can be configured to take full advantage of a brand’s individuality and uniqueness that make them a star.

What results is that Greencorner umbrellas are as elegant as they are functional, withstanding some of the most demanding conditions and providing some of the greatest value for commercial usage.

Every day Greencorner works overtime as a market umbrella partner to the industry. From our fully customizable designs to our industry leading warranty program, we take your shade seriously! In all, a Greencorner umbrella can make an undeniable statement about who you are! And that’s who we are!

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