Global Treasures

Product type: Health Care, Personal Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe
Trade show: N/A

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Global Treasures S.A.R.L. is committed to exporting the highest quality Argan Oil accompanied by the best possible service. Argan oil is available in high-grade glass bottles or in bulk, depending on the needs of the distributor.

At this point in time, Global Treasures is unable to sell product directly to customers, except in Morocco. If you are a distributer or retailer and are interested in argan oil, please contact us directly.

Contact Global Treasures S.A.R.L. for current pricing of retail packaged products or bulk purchases.

Every shipment of Global Treasures S.A.R.L. Argan Oil is submitted to the Moroccan EACCE (Etablissement Autonome de Contrôle et de Coordination des Exportations) for analysis and inspection.