Product type: Electronics Accessories
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Founded in 1982, Gen/Tran is the nation’s leading manufacturer of generator transfer switches for residential and small commercial standby power applications. A transfer switch makes using a generator more safe and convenient – no matter what size. The National Electrical Code mandates that a transfer device be installed with ALL standby power systems including portable generators. During a power outage, a transfer switch safely isolates those circuits using generator power from the rest of the house, so the danger of back feeding the electrical utility is eliminated. By installing a transfer switch with your load center and connecting a generator to the transfer switch, you can run selected appliances such as a furnace, well pump (which cannot be run with standard extension cords), sump pump, refrigerator, television, computer and more during a power outage, depending on the capacity of your generator.

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GenTran transfer switches and accessories provide the most flexible, affordable way to feed power from a backup generator to a home or business during a power outage.
We invented the “original” transfer switch!
Our products are Safe , UL Listed and made with UL Listed parts
Our transfer switches are expandable – So as your needs change, just add more breakers.
Our products offer installation versatility – Flush or surface mount indoors
Our products accommodate flexible generator connections
Our products meet the latest National Electrical Code requirements, including Arc-Fault and GFCI
We offer a complete line of accessories to accommodate any installation
Backup power and transfer switches is our main business – so we have to be the best
We offer a two-year warranty against mechanical failure
Our Products are made in the USA

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