Product type: Industrial Parts, Stores & Business
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Our mission is maximizing our customers’ production for increased profitability. We do this by following a simple philosophy: Protect the constraint. Our accumulators and conveyors shield the constraint from upstream and downstream interruptions, and in doing so, can increase production in some cases by as much as 30%.

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A History of Innovation
We have handled everything from tiny vials to tapered wine bottles, batteries, bagels, yogurt cups, brownies, bottled water, oatmeal, etc. We are customer focused with a history of innovation.

Gordon Garvey founded the company in 1926 as a gas station in Blue Anchor, NJ directly between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in order to serve motorists going each way. He later opened a precision sheet metal facility at the same location.

1967: Fran and Bud Garvey designed and built the first set of modular conveyors to support the local glass industry.

1981: Fran Garvey invents the Bi-Flo accumulator, the first conveyor based low backpressure accumulator and single filer.

1991: Mark Garvey invents the Taper-Flo, capable of accumulating and single filing tapered containers. This made a large impact on the yogurt industry.

2001: Mark Garvey and Bill Fox invent the Infinity Accumulator, an accumulation system capable of handling tapered wine bottles at unprecedented speeds.

2007: Garvey unveils the Infinity Rx at Pack Expo Las Vegas, capable of accumulating and single filing products down to 0.5″ in diameter.

2008: Garvey ships its 20,000th machine

2012: Garvey develops the tray loading system that counts products and fills trays to the exact number desired. This system also greatly decreases pressure and damage normally associated with vial unscrambling and tray loading.

2013: Garvey engineers a new system for vial drying that cuts drying times from many hours to minutes. This system is designed to innovate and increase production, inspection and labeling of products produced in a cold chain.

Garvey also unveils the Infinity RX 36 rotary table replacement. This compact and symmetrical machine takes the pressure our of small accumulation tables and fits in the same footprint as a traditional rotary table.

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