Flame Engineering

Flame Engineering

Product type: Home Appliance Stocks
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

From the development of a single, hand-held farm torch over 50 years ago, to over 100 products which serve many industries today, Flame Engineering combines simplicity, function, practicality and affordability to create some of the most unique products available. Many functions - weeding gardens & properties, preheating metal, melting ice, starting campfires & coals, remove paint, oil, plastic residue, and so much more!!! At Flame Engineering, Inc., we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship which becomes part of each and every product we manufacture. All torches are individually tested before leaving the facility to ensure safe and dependable use. We pride our knowledgeable staff and durable products!

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In the mid 1950’s, Ralph C. Pivonka and his son, Mike, designed a propane torch for burning weeds and brush on their Kansas family farm. As word spread about their flaming equipment, Ralph and Mike found themselves building more and more torches to satisfy a growing local demand. The Pivonkas soon out grew their farm workshop and went into full production establishing the company known as Flame Engineering, Inc., which now has expanded into national and international markets with the popular Red Dragon product line.
Over the years Flame Engineering, Inc. has been recognized for achievements in the LP Gas industry. The development of liquid spray flaming, a unique patented process, attained widespread acceptance as a method of controlling weeds and insects on farm lands. The Red Dragon Engine Preheater was developed especially for Alaskan bush pilots who required a compact, portable preheater for starting their aircraft engines in the frigid northern climates.
In the early 1980’s, at the suggestion of several customers, Flame Engineering introduced the Red Dragon line of Roofing Torches specifically designed to satisfy the needs of professional roofers applying modified bitumen. The superior quality of the Red Dragon line was quickly recognized by contractors and is now the preferred choice throughout North America. Flame Engineering continues to expand the roofing line with wagons, roof dryers, seam finishers, cylinder dollies, spud bars, and accessories.
In addition, Flame Engineering was the first manufacturer to help the American Gas Association and Canadian Gas Association Certification write a standard for hand held, LP torches, used with a remote fuel supply.
In recent years, Flame Engineering, Inc. has developed an entire line of outdoor leisure products including Patio Lights and the Weed Dragon® Torch. In addition, it has expanded the agricultural flaming line with the development of the Red Dragon Alfalfa, Row Crop and Berm Flamers. This diversity has allowed the company to grow regardless of market highs and lows.

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