Product type: Household Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: N/A

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Evriholder Products LLC is a company with a long list of impressive products. Their products are truly useful and many of them are fun as well! I can honestly say I have spent hours browsing and shopping on the Evriholder website and I am very impressed with their clever and innovative products. They even offer many licensed products representing many well-known and loved brands such as Pepperidge Farm, Campbell’s, Crayola and more! Evriholder is definitely where function meets fun! Evriholder has a wide selection of Sandwich Crust Cutters. These fun shaped sandwich cutters are great for parties, school lunches, or simply a fun way to encourage that picky eater to eat a sandwich! Sandwich Crust Cutters are easy to use and are top rack dishwasher safe. We have the ButterflyBytes and TrainBytes sandwich cutters and my son adores them! These awesome tools allow me to easily create a fun shaped sandwich for my child’s meal. What really impressed me about the Evriholder Sandwich Crust Cutters is that they really only cut the crust off of the sandwich. My hubby assumed the crust critter would waste a good portion of the sandwich, but I was happy to show him that the crust critters just fit inside the crust of the sandwich. In fact, when making a sandwich out of the end of the loaf of bread where the pieces are a bit smaller, the Crust Cutters actually left a bit of the crust on the sandwich. It is very easy to trim the small portion of crust off if this happens and I was left with a good size butterfly or train sandwich to serve my son! I also found if I don’t push the Butterfly Bytes sandwich cutter all the way through to the bottom piece of bread on the sandwich, my son is able to move the wings on his butterfly sandwich to make it fly. He thinks this is really cool. The best part is that he enjoys the fun shape of his sandwich so much that he actually eats it all! As an added bonus, the Sandwich Crust Cutters can also be used as cookie cutters! My son loves to eat ketchup with his grilled cheese, so I love making little smoke clouds out of ketchup when he has a grilled cheese train sandwich! One of the pieces of bread I used for this sandwich had a hole in it but you get the idea of how the train sandwich cutter creates a cute edible train! Evriholder also has a great selection of cleaning products. I have the Evriholder Scrub N’ Rub multi purpose cleaning pads. This 3 piece set is amazing! These pads are safe to use on almost any surface in the kitchen or bathroom. You can even use them on Teflon, and stainless steel! The soft side of the microfiber pads can be used wet or dry. The small Lurex microfiber is fabulous for washing dishes. The Scrub N’ Rub pads are both machine washable and dishwasher safe. Since I use the small pad to clean dishes, I simply place it on the top rack of my dishwasher and it gets cleaned and sanitized during the wash. After several washes, I am amazed that my Scrub N’ Rub pad looks like brand new. The soft side of the pad is still extremely soft! I use the larger pads for cleaning the surfaces in my kitchen and then wash them in my washing machine. This is a great set of pads that helps my kitchen stay clean.