Product type: Bedroom Furniture, Chairs & Seatings
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: N/A

At Ergomotion, they want people to love to work. As an energetic team made up of highly-skilled, creative professionals, they thrive in a well-organized, inspired environment. They push ourselves to be the best in every role - from their executives to their customer service center. Being a local Santa Barbara company has a lot to do with our mindset. The California lifestyle is all about appreciating life - so why should work be stuffy or uptight? Instead, they foster an active, engaged way of working and living. You can spot them commuting between their three downtown Santa Barbara locations on one of their company beach cruisers. You'll see them involved in local events and community causes. The're out and about with their families, sharing drinks with friends on the beach, and enjoying the energy and diversity of their community. The're having fun. And they like being on top of their industry because of their values. Since their company started in 2005, they've stayed true to their design, quality and ethics. It's what makes them successful. It's what makes them happy.

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Alain Clenet is the creative, engineering and aesthetic force behind Ergomotion power bases. He has worked on design teams for giant domestic and international auto-makers Ford, BMW, Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep and General Motors, helping them move toward supremacy during the Automobile’s great heyday. Clenet introduced advanced designs and concepts that remain in daily use worldwide. Later, his Clenet Coachworks showed the way for a new generation of super luxe vehicles, streamlined beauties that spawned a cult still active.

A smooth ride is one of Alain Clenet’s ongoing passions. Smooth rides are not normally associated with the work of a pioneer, but his life’s work indeed puts people into or in the case of Ergomotion, onto “smooth rides”. It is with this concept in 2005, along with his son Kelly Clenet, Ergomotion was founded. Ergomotion develops adjustable bed bases, with the frame design being drawn form automobile technology at the core of the company’s strategy. Ergomotion’s resources are allocated to where they matter most – Research and development, distribution and customer service.

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