Eklind Tool

Eklind Tool

Product type: Power Tools, Other Building & Constructions Products, Tools & Equipment
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

For years, a craftsman's hand tools and woodworking tools have been his main means of earning a living. They were a huge investment in time and money, either being made by himself, or purchased from specialist manufacturers and suppliers. The cost of a fully equipped tool chest in the late 1700's was about a year's wages for a skilled crafstman. That is why many older tools are stamped with names and initials, and sometimes there are several sets of names as valuable tools were passed down from generation to generation. To equip a Tool Chest or a Workshop today with Power Tools and Woodworking Tools is still expensive. Maybe not a year's salary, but during these tough economic times saving money is a necessity. Eric and Tools Plus understand, and that is why we Pledge to give you the absolutely best possible price and customer service of any website.

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Welcome to Tools Plus. Since 1979 we have been providing the local community with the broadest selection of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Woodworking Machinery and Accessories from top manufacturers. Whether you’re shopping for Cordless Tools from Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee, we have the tool to fit your needs. We began business with a 600 square foot rent, and from those humble beginnings have grown into our own 9000+ square foot building, located in Waterbury, Connecticut. We began our internet store in 1999, the early days of web commerce, with the same Yahoo Store we use today. Buying things on the internet has evolved in many ways, stronger types of security, more user-friendly shopping carts, quality of product images, and methods of marketing products. Throughout these changes, we have worked hard to stay on the edge of new technologies, and provide our internet customers with the best possible shopping experience.

A while back, Home Depot moved into this area of Waterbury, right across the street from us, in fact. There was some initial worry that the direct competition with this giant would hurt our business, but after several years it is clear that that has not been the case. Although going up against a retail giant is never easy, not only have we thrived with them in our back yard, we have continued to succeed and grow at a controlled pace. One can never be sure exactly why we have done so well, but we like to think it is because we work hard to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices, friendly and extremely knowledgeable customer service, and a very diverse selection of products.

The store itself is over 9000 square feet. The first floor is where all of our power tools, hand tools, and accessories are on display, and the shelves are stocked to the ceiling. We have aisles dedicated to the most popular manufactures that feature interactive media to help you make your buying decision a quick and easy one. Upstairs is a showroom of some of our most popular woodworking machinery and equipment where you can get a “hands on” look at the next addition to your shop.

The front counter of the store is the base of operations for the 100 plus years of combined industry knowledge behind the Tools Plus name. From here, many questions are answered, and solutions are forged in person or by phone. When you speak to someone at the front counter, you should expect an honest, detailed response to your questions. Unlike some Internet retailers that never even see their stock, the people at the front counter can be holding a tool in their hand as they describe it to you. The plus in Tools Plus stands for the hands on knowledge that comes with every tool we stock and every sale we make.

In the summer of 2010, Tool-Plus opened up a brand new automated distribution center in the heart of scenic Prospect Connecticut. The new warehouse features a computer-based order processing system that allows us to more accurately and more efficiently fill orders, while at the same time giving us room to stock a wider variety of items in greater numbers. The added room allows us to take advantage of a wider variety of manufacturer volume deals and of course, pass the savings on to you. “60 Scott” as we lovingly refer to it, also features an expanded office area for our customer service and internet personnel, allowing us to better serve both our internet and local customers. Moving forward, we plan to keep expanding and growing to continue to meet the needs of our loyal customers. And through it all we will always strive to maintain the high level of personal customer service that we’ve become legendary for.

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