Eco-Story LLC

Eco-Story LLC

Product type: Lights & Lamps
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

At Eco-story we are passionately developing LED lighting solutions that make our customers more competitive through substantial reductions in utility costs and by being better stewards of our environment.

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Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions was founded on the premise that environmental improvements make strong economic sense.

LED Lighting represents one of the most promising opportunities for businesses to save substantial money through reduced energy costs. Eco-story’s customers are now, on average, realizing a return on investment of 1.2 years not including utility rebates. With the current flood of LED products to the market Eco-story’s LED Lighting products differentiate themselves through their superior color, higher quality of light, and proven durability. Eco-story clearly understands the color and light output needs of its core markets and has built a line of best in class LED replacement lights that meet these requirements. Eco-story has also built a very strong track record of large customer projects in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality markets. This has further provided Eco-story the experience in building product that not only saves substantial costs but also can duplicate current lighting specifications. Up until now companies had to compromise light quality and color if they wanted to use LED lighting to save on utility costs. Eco-story has changed the game by providing customers the option of a beautiful warm white light that duplicates traditional lighting but that uses up to 90% less energy. Learn how Eco-story is changing the future of lighting.

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