Product type: Power & Hand Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Dutton-Lainson® offers an array of products that we are pleased to offer to you!

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Thanks to the company’s strong diversified foundation and innovative, motivated people, Dutton-Lainson Company has spanned three centuries and is now in a stronger position than at any time in its history. The company was founded in 1886, when William M. Dutton and two friends started a small harness and horse collar shop. This soon grew to become one of the largest horse collar manufacturing plants in the nation.

In 1920, Harry Lainson approached Mr. Dutton with the idea of starting a wholesale house. This move, along with the expansion of the manufacturing division, resulted in a tradition of diversification and growth that has made the Dutton-Lainson Company the vibrant, forward thinking company we see today.

Dutton-Lainson Company progressed steadily through the Depression years. In the ’40s, the company retooled to meet the needs of a world at war. During this time the company received three Army-Navy E pennants, an award signifying the highest level of quality and service, which was given to only 5% of the country’s manufacturers at that time.

For well over a century, Dutton-Lainson Company has been respected for its innovative spirit and highest standard of integrity. The challenge of changes has inspired the company to meet the needs of its customers by finding new ways to diversify and enhance its product lines and service. The company understands the necessity to change; and with sound planning, it continues to keep an eye to the future as it prepares to meet new marketing opportunities.

Today, Dutton-Lainson Company is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of quality products for marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive markets throughout the world.

Thanks to the creativity and dedication of all its associates, the company looks forward with confidence to a future of continued success.

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