Product type: Bedroom Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: N/A

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DreamFit combines innovative, New World bedding solutions with Old World craftsmanship and value. They take pride in being the singular resource for complete bedding programs ranging from DreamFit patented mattress pads and sheets to pillows and bedding ensembles. DreamFit brings a unique, patented design to the bedding marketplace with the only sheet “Guaranteed to Fit” and “Guaranteed to Stay On” today’s thicker profile mattresses. The DreamFit patented design incorporates a “self tailoring” feature allowing DreamFit sheets to fit and stay on any thickness or profile of mattress equally well. The DreamFit design also extends into our complete line of mattress, health and comfort protection products. DreamFit mattress pads are 100% waterproof with our “Guarantee to Fit” and “Guarantee to Stay On”. From basic mattress protection to enhanced health and comfort protection, DreamFit offers innovation and value at every price point. CSI (Comfort-Support-Indexing) Technology finally provides a reliable road map leading to the correct pillow decision. DreamFit has developed a proprietary system of measuring how pillows respond to pressure and the effect this pressure response has on the three dominate sleeping positions (side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper). Fashion forward bedding ensembles round out the Fit, Feel, Function and Fashion story at DreamFit. Their “luxury-sized” bedding ensembles are designed to accommodate a wide range of mattress and bedroom furniture styles while enhancing the overall bedroom environment. Using a mixed media of fabrics that form intricate relationships, DreamFit offers fresh styles that reflect and embrace the theme of any bedroom sanctuary.