Door Monkey

Product type: Home Office Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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After the birth of our second child, my wife and I found ourselves in search of a better solution for baby proofing our interior doors. We tried the usual door knob covers with our first child and they proved to be less than adequate. These were no longer even a choice because our new door knobs were egg-shaped, and not round. Our options were very limited and I did not want to damage our doors and door frames with screws or double-sided tape. We needed a solution to what seemed to be a relatively simple problem. We just wanted an easy to install door lock that would work with our non-standard door knobs, and would be easy enough for our older child to use. After searching the internet and all the baby shops in town, we soon realized that what we were looking for did not exist.

Frustrated with all the inadequate locks and latches on the market, I decided to design my own. Being a mechanical engineer by profession, this was only natural. Soon I made the first working prototype with the added feature of a pinch guard, which helped to solve one more problem. My wife and I wanted to give our older son his privacy and keep his new sister out of his room, but we were afraid slammed doors and pinched fingers would result. The new lock design, with the added pinch guard, solved this problem too. Finally we had a solution.

What started out as a simple weekend project, soon turned into a major product development endeavor and our new family business, Jordacon Enterprises LLC. Six years later, with the support of my wife and kids, the Door Monkey is now ready for you and your family. We hope it will help to make your life a little easier and your kid’s lives a lot safer.