Cool K-9

Cool K-9

Product type: Pet Supplies
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Market served: North America
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Do you dread being “taken for a drag” every time you leash your dog? Is it a wrestling match trying to keep Fido from bolting out the door whenever you open it? Can you call him back if he does get out? Does he put his “stamp of approval” on the outfits of everyone he comes into contact with? Do you want to compete in obedience, or do you just want a happy, well-mannered companion? In any case: WE CAN HELP! Jim & Bianca Beinlich began training dogs in 1991 with their first German Shepherd, Sabbath, who drew them to the breed and into the wonderful world of dog training. Their four-legged family rapidly expanded, and it didn’t take long for them to become enthralled with canine behavior, problem solving, and pack dynamics. Shortly thereafter, Jim & Bianca discovered Schutzhund, a sport that originated in Germany as a breed suitability test for the German Shepherd Dog. (Schutzhund involves tracking, obedience, and protection work.) Since then, Jim & Bianca’s expertise, interest, and love of dogs inspired them to form Cool K9’s Dog Training – to include training and support for all dog breeds.

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