Complete Medical

Product type: Health Care, Medical Supplies & Equipments
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Complete Medical Supplies, Inc was founded by Barry and Barbara Klein. Barry Klein was the former owner of Medisco-Federal Inc, a well-known worldwide wholesale distributor. After selling Medisco-Federal, Barry realized that the medical industry was in need of a wholesaler that offered personal attention and inventoried popular and hard-to-find products. In 1988, Barry and Barbara Klein opened Complete Medical Supplies.
In 1994, Barry Klein unexpectedly passed away. His son, Seth Klein, joined Barbara and the staff of Complete Medical in continuing his fathers vision. Barbara and Seth Klein continued on Barrys legacy by providing the personal service that shaped the foundation of Complete Medical Supplies. In 2000, Barbara retired and Seths wife, Danielle, joined the company.
Presently, the company features 14,000 products, 500 vendors, 8,000 customers, a 80,000 square ft distribution facility, 30 sales people and over 70 employees. We continue to embrace Barry Klein’s founding vision of the “wholesaler that cares and understands its customers”.