Clean Well

Product type: Personal Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
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Twenty-five years ago my son, Conor, would have been considered a bubble boy. He was born with an extremely rare and dangerous condition; a severe immunodeficiency that made the simplest childhood activities – a scraped knee, a cold, even contact with other children – potentially life-threatening. Today, he leads a relatively normal life. He goes on family vacations, trains in gymnastics, and attends school, thanks in part to the germ-killing formula that my mom and I developed from a plant essential oil.
The first time I held my newborn son, he was sealed in an incubator in a neonatal ICU. We gave him his first stuffed animal in a plastic baggie. I was scared and overwhelmed; this was not how I expected to take care of my first child. Over the course of several years we met over a dozen physicians of various specialties but his doctors were stumped. Finally, we got an answer when Conor was diagnosed with a rare, non-genetic form of Combined Severe Immune Deficiency, which is just a fancy way of saying that he doesn’t have enough white blood cells to defend his body against infections, injuries and invasive materials.
So with only 10% of our son’s immune system functioning, it was critical that my wife, Jen, and I make our home as safe as possible for Conor. We soon discovered that we couldn’t find household disinfectants or antiseptic soaps that we felt comfortable using in our home. Jen and I realized that the use of harsh chemicals around Conor would end up being just another tax on his severely overburdened immune system, forcing him to process yet another source of foreign, unnatural “invaders” in his already hard-working body. After tirelessly searching for an acceptable option, and coming up empty, we were forced to face reality; there were no viable options for us.
In order to make a better life for our son, we took matters into our own hands. Along with my mom, Joy, an aromacologist, I set out to make a formula that would kill germs and could be used around Conor. We discovered the formulation of natural thyme oil found in all CleanWell products.
CleanWell products help my son live his best life. Conor excels at gymnastics and though he struggles with his condition, which continues to confound his doctors, he is out in the world with his peers. You can show the same consideration for your family, your health, your home, and your planet when you use CleanWell products.