Product type: Cooking & Baking Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

All Circulon® collections, with their contemporary silhouettes and comfortable handles, deliver a superior cooking experience using less oil for lower fat cooking, an innovative high tech cooking surface for greater performance, and long-lasting durability. In 1985, Circulon® revolutionized the industry by introducing the first hard anodized nonstick cookware. This unique approach combined the excellent heat distribution properties of hard anodized aluminum with the exceptional durability of a resilient nonstick. Circulon® went one step further by introducing the patented TOTAL® Food Release System of “Hi-Low” circles on the cooking surface of the pan coupled with DuPont™ Autograph® nonstick. This innovative technology significantly reduces surface abrasion and delivers superior durability, making Circulon® the cookware that’s built to last a lifetime - guaranteed.

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Circles to cook on, circles to count on. Live a well-rounded life with Circulon – revolutionary nonstick cookware engineered to keep you moving one step ahead of today’s busy schedule. Circulon’s unique circle surface is combined with premium metal-utensil safe nonstick for superior performance that lasts. Additionally, Circulon cookware is dishwasher safe, creating a perfect cook life balance that makes cooking delicious meals as efficient and effortless as possible. Supported by a Hassle Free Lifetime Gaurantee, Circulon’s circles are built for life.

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Circulon® Gourmet Cookware continually strives to engineer the most durable nonstick cookware ever built, on the cornerstones of quality and integrity.

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