Cho Pat

Product type: Ankle support, Wrist support
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Cho-Pat designs and manufacturers innovative and specific sports-medical support devices for the leg, knee, ankle, wrist, and arm. Cho-Pat’s philosophy is to provide the ultimate in sports/medical support devices – devices that are specific, effective, and dependable. George Gauvry, an orthotist, started the company in 1980 and used the principles of orthotics, the clinical treatment of injuries and deformities involving the musculoskeletal system, to create his first support device, Cho-Pat’s Original Knee Strap. Using a design to stabilize and strengthen the joint, the Cho-pat Original Knee Strap helped to alleviate various symptoms associated with degenerative knees and/or inflammation/tendonitis of the kneecap. The idea for the Knee Strap eventually helped to revolutionize the treatment of certain knee disorders and was rewarded with U.S. and Canadian patents for its design and mechanic. Today, Cho-Pat is recognized as a leader in the sports-medicine field for the innovation, effectiveness, quality, and dependability of its products. Cho-Pat distributes and sells its products in the United States, Canada, and the remainder of the world. Its wide acceptance and endorsement by medical professionals, physical therapists, athletic trainers, professional athletes, and active individuals reflects the company’s reputation for effectiveness, integrity, history, and strong customer service.