Product type: Preschool Toys
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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We believe that it is important that all our products are thoughtfully designed to function well, provide sensory stimulation, gross motor development and perhaps most importantly, they must engage a child’s imagination and creativity so that the child is the creator and not the spectator.

CarePlay develops and manufactures products for commercial use exclusively. We do not sell at retail, therefore we are able to create products that are designed and sized correctly for children and the way they play. We won’t compromise our products to meet the shelf and carton size requirements of today’s mass retailers.Our product offerings are more consistent since they are not subject to the ever-changing whims and fads of the retail market. It is the input of Child Care providers that drives our business so availability will not change overnight and replacement parts, if needed, will be there. Centers will have products in their classrooms that are unique from the items children have at home, and many of our products are shipped preassembled so they are ready to use the minute they arrive.

Our products have been designed to withstand the exceptional demands of multi-child, multi-age play; with commercial grade double walled molded construction, heavy duty hardware and surfaces that can be cleaned and disinfected per licensing/ accreditation guidelines.

To keep our products and your center looking attractive after lots of use, we use distinctive colors and finishes to resist fading and wear. We also mold in all decorations so there are no decals to peel off.

The CarePlay team has an almost unparallel wealth of experience in creating, manufacturing, and evaluating quality products for young children many of which are in your centers today.We understand your frustration with the lack of quality products that just don’t measure up to the unique needs of the child care industry.All of our products have been reviewed with a group of child care professionals who are involved on a daily basis managing and maintaining centers just like yours. Product changes and refinements have been made based on their intimate knowledge of the rigors and challenges of today’s child care environments.

In these days of growing liability concerns, it has become more important than ever for centers to have equipment which meet the strict standards set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). CarePlay’s products meet and, in many cases, exceed those standards.