Product type: Automotive Maintenance, Other Building & Constructions Products
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

Cameron is a global organization that provides products and services throughout the oil and gas industry, including upstream to downstream, onshore to offshore.

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Cameron’s products include a wide range of pressure control and rig systems for onshore and offshore drilling; land and platform production systems for conventional and unconventional applications; separation, processing, and treatment systems; subsea production and processing systems; measurement systems; and a wide variety of valves and actuators. In addition, Cameron’s life-of-field services help our customers to manage assets and optimize recovery.


Even though our products and services span many markets and applications, Cameron has a clear purpose: We create the flow control technology that energizes the world. This purpose guides us and drives us to understand our direction and our common objective.

Core Values
Cameron is united in a set of core values that enhance our product offering and embody who we are, both as individuals and as a company.

Integrity: The foundation of our business. We earn the trust of our colleagues, customers, and shareholders by honoring our commitments, doing the right things for the right reasons, and by speaking up when we see something wrong.

Responsibility: Our commitment to our customers, our communities, and each other. We are accountable for ensuring safe operations, delivering on our commitments, and providing our customers and suppliers with the unparalleled service they deserve.

Innovation: How we fuel our customers’ success. We continuously push to safely develop the best solutions, products, and processes for our customers.

Excellence: Our motivation. We strive to engage our workforce to create outstanding products, provide unparalleled service, and achieve the best safety record by continuously raising the bar.

Collaboration: The key to our future. By working together as One Cameron, we will deliver the best and safest solutions for our customers, our suppliers, and our communities.

Cameron has a multicultural, worldwide philosophy that puts Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), first and foremost in the minds of our employees. Cameron’s HSE vision is simple: No One Gets Hurt; Nothing Gets Harmed.

Our worldwide commitment to health, safety, and the environment runs deep. Protecting our world and workplace simply is a matter of respect, and a value shared among those who wear the Cameron name. We understand the culture of safety and environmental responsibility must be built upon a very real foundation – one of communication, high expectations, accountability, achievement, and continuous challenge for improvement. Cameron provides employees with the processes, facilities, standards, training, discipline, and work culture designed to ensure:

A safe work environment for our employees and the communities in which we operate
Safe products for our customers
Environmental protection through responsible resource and waste management
Protection of stakeholder assets

Cameron strongly promotes a healthy workforce. Across the global Cameron network, programs are implemented to encourage health consciousness and wellness. Some of these include regular health awareness presentations, immunization programs, worksite wellness challenges, medical incentives, fitness facilities, health screenings, and after-hours sporting and recreational events.

At Cameron, a safe and healthy working environment is more than a matter of policy; it’s a matter of practice. In addition to safety programs outlined in the HSE Management System, Cameron’s business units and facilities develop their own safety management initiatives geared toward local employees and work practices. These include HSE site committees, regular safety training sessions, employee HSE manuals, HSE compliance audits, new employee orientation programs, and incident investigation policies.

Integral to Cameron’s dedication to operational excellence is our commitment to environmental sustainability. We take our role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously, and are committed to a work environment that exists in harmony with the natural environment. In addition to fully complying with all local laws, our business units also develop and maintain a number of effective environmental protection programs. These include strict waste disposal policies, waste reduction and recycling programs, and regular air and water monitoring.

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