We’re often asked where our ideas come from. It’s clear once we explain who we are: a sci-fi fan girl married to a toy robot collector, who create products they’d like in their home.
We don’t have to look far for inspiration: we love toy robots and mid-century modern chairs, so we’re surrounded by inspiration. Add a love of technology, sci-fi books and movies, vintage cars, modern design, Googie architecture and Disneyland, and the resulting mash up is Museum of Robots.
At the core of our design philosophy is that we are fans first. We go to sci-fi conventions and fine art museums, vintage car shows and sci-fi movies, science exhibits and toy shows.
And is there really a Museum of Robots? Someday. We’ve started with the gift store and we’ll bootstrap a museum you can visit from there.
All the designs are inspired by our fascination with robots, which to us are the essence of modern and nostalgic, at once futuristic and retro, technical and playful, functional and entertaining, and perfectly represent our vision.