Bumble Bags

Bumble Bags

Product type: Baby's bag, Bag Parts & Accessories, Women Bag
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

All of Bumble Bags hip and stylish bags receive special care that begins in its first stage of development, as many months of focus group testing ensure that their products meet "mommy approval." These groups are centered in various parts of the U.S, which now consist of over 80 mommies spread across 28 different states. Each of Bumble Bags's prints begins with a blank canvas and are hand created using water colors and colored pencils. The Bumble prints are only seen in Bumble products. Bumble Bags are ultra water resistant and stain resistant, lightweight and built to withstand rain or snow.

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The Bumble Collection is a family lifestyle brand specializing in children’s products including diaper bags and family accessories such as lunch bags, picnic baskets, and food/beverage coolers for our fashionable families.

Since 1999, our diaper bags have graced the pages of magazines and have been carried on the shoulders of many A-list celebrities. Our products have been placed on the shelves of top retailers spanning the globe. Our loyal Bumble Collection fans happily followed us into the family accessories category as their kids have grown and the family calendar has been filled with family outings, sporting events and day trips away from home.

In 2009, we introduced our first lunch bag and were met with an overwhelming amount of requests from our customers to create new styles. Since then, we have expanded our line of family lifestyle accessories such as food/beverage coolers, picnic bags and lunch/snack bags in our Bumble signature prints. Each product is both water and stain resistant with the durability to last throughout many years and countless events with the family.

Our goal at The Bumble Collection is to provide products for parents with our full-service line of family lifestyle accessories, adding ease into their daily routine and busy schedules while attending their children’s soccer games, friendly picnics and beach trips.

At The Bumble Collection, it is our mission to support and invest in our local communities by creating products that contribute to a healthier world for tomorrow’s children. Over the years, we have partnered with charitable organizations that focus on giving children in need a better life. Some of these include Horizons for Homeless Children, Angels Above, March of Dimes, and The Starlight Children’s Foundation.

All products from The Bumble Collection are made of the finest materials using an all-natural process without the use of synthetic preservatives as we respect and embrace the value of sustainability and it’s effects on the environment.

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