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Bready North America, inc. is a privately held company based in Columbia, Missouri. We are 100% focused on the Bready Baking System with every reason to believe it is the best fresh-bread solution for people with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

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Glenna Vance, our recipe developer, thought she had retired from a long career at Red Star Yeast, but a few years ago we gave her an assignment and she took it to heart. Every Bready bread and cake is a product of her relentless trial(s) and error. Her experience as one of the pioneers of gluten-free bread formulation, her savvy with bread flavor and texture, and her downright stubbornness turned out to be the perfect ingredients.

The quest for the finest ingredients, blended in a safe, clean environment free of gluten is no cakewalk. None of the ingredients can come into contact with wheat, rye, oats or barley, which means connecting the gluten-free dots from field to truck to mill to blender to warehouse. All Bready gluten-free mixes have earned the Celiac Sprue Association’s seal of recognition, verifying they meet the strictest standards – four times stricter than the FDA’s – for gluten-free labeling. Bready is the only bread machine with the CSA seal because it greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Once we blend up our prototype mixes, we load them into the Bready and eagerly await the results. The smell of baking bread is one of the best working conditions imaginable. We make hundreds of loaves, and share them with our home testers – people with Celiac disease or families with children on a GFCF Autism diet. We take their feedback to heart. The recipe is tweaked and perfected…then the cycle repeats…sometimes half a dozen times. No one has lost weight from this process.

Holly Smith-Berry, co-founder and sales/marketing guru, saw the first Bready prototype when she was invited by the inventor’s family to Malmo, Sweden back in 1995. The inventor, a former engineering director for Volvo, was no longer alive, but his brother kept his dream alive, taking it to the next step. The entire family had fallen in love with the beautiful loaves the Bready made. “I remember the breads were dense and full of fiber, really healthy and delicious,” Holly says.. At the time, I worked for a market leader in the bread machine industry. Honestly, I thought the price tag for this little ‘bake-through’ was hefty given the realities of the marketplace. My thought bubble was: This invention is amazing but a little eccentric. Who would be willing to pay more for an over-engineered machine, and then pay for a prepared mix just because it was good for them? “

In 2004 the patent rights were purchased by Bready North America’s Chairman of the Board, Goran Malm. It was more than a business calculation, it became a passion. He established Viking Enterprises, financing the project until it was tooled, then retooled with the latest (RFID) scanning technology to make it reliable and consumer friendly. Goran attracted other investors, and today Viking Enterprises is the majority shareholder.

So how did all these forces converge to start a company around one invention? Good products solve problems, and as more and more people discovered they had Celiac disease or were allergic or sensitive to gluten, the more Bready made perfect sense. We knew that no other bread machine addresses the contamination issue. We knew the taste, texture and appearance of gluten-free breads from existing bread machines left much to be desired. In addition, everyone involved with Bready has been touched by someone in their family or circle of friends who suffers from Celiac disease or some other form of gluten intolerance or sensitivity. People fuel our passion for Bready.

We know that to be successful, our customers have to love the loaves and they have to love our amazing Bready too. That’s what makes President/CEO Sean Lair perfect for the job. Sean grew up in a small town in Illinois and has zero tolerance for BS. Stubborn like the rest of us, Sean spent years in the ring as a consumer service manager for Salton Inc., working nights to earn his MBA from William Woods University. He’s all about the consumer experience and insists on ensuring it is a good one, even when the customer (on rare occasions) is having a bad one.

About Us is really all about YOU, because everyone at Bready North America is a die-hard pleaser. We want to do right by our customers. We hope you will be as passionate about Bready baking products as we are. Let us know how we’re doing and we promise to keep you in great tasting, fresh, gluten-free bread.

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