Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

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It all began with the simplest of brilliant ideas; Susan Brown, a young mother, was asked by her baby daughter’s day care centre to bring in something that could support her baby whilst she was relaxing. Susan soon realized that this was something that so many other mums and babies needed too.

The Boppy company was hence founded in 1990 in Golden, Colorado. The brand instantly became vastly popular and opened up a new product segment: infant feeding pillows.

From then on the brand continued to expand and, in just a few years, became the best-selling product in its category in America; it is now ready to expand to Europe, thanks to CHICCO

Boppy cuddles and protects over 1 million infants in America every year. Research confirms that 98% of parents who have used this special pillow say they can no longer do without it! (*)

The Boppy® pillow has collected an outstanding number of awards over the years, some given by consumers who praise its functional and emotional aspects, and some awarded by the medical-scientific community who recommend its use.