Product type: Learning & Exploration Toys, Preschool Toys
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

For over thirty years, Bojeux has designed, developed and manufactured fun, stimulating and non-violent games and toys. They have given us the famous Tutti Frutti modeling dough , the creative Play Art products, Matchitecture, the Roll-O-Puzz, wich is an essential accessory for all puzzle, and Yum, the star of the Quebec's board game. Innovative and intelligent, the majority of these games have seduced forein consumers and are now exported to nearly 40 countries.

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Bojeux™ is a Quebec-based, family business that has built an enviable world-class reputation. Its story starts, like many others, with a passion. In this case, a passion for toys. What could be better than a family business for designing and offering games and toys for the whole family! The same passion for toys has now been handed down to the next generation, with three of the founders’ children choosing to make their careers in the business.

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