Product type: Learning & Exploration Toys, Preschool Toys
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Market served: Eastern Europe, North America
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The Danish design success bObles has since 2006 been known for its colorful romp furniture that has changed both children and parents' views of what good design for children is made of. Today bObles nursery furniture status of modern classics, and the result of the two designers' efforts alone can not be seen in children's rooms all over the world, but also, inter alia, Museum of Modern Art in New York, where the popular tumbling animals in the shape of colorful geometric shapes hailed as one of the decade's best bet for innovative design. "BObles is and will be for children playing and using their imagination in everything they do. Children must move and become familiar with your own body and its possibilities and limitations, it should be a natural part of life. And the desire to be physically active are also of itself if we as parents just let them, and limits the way is to it, "says Bolette says.

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When the designer Bolette Blædel was on maternity leave with her first son, she soon discovered the scarcity of children’s furniture that encourages play, creativity and physical exercise, while at the same time satisfying her preference for good, Danish design. With her sister, the fashion designer Louise Blædel, she therefore conceived the idea of creating a series of multifunctional furniture that children want to play with and adults want to bring into their sitting room. Today, the result is a group of animals, each with its own shape and numerous functions, e.g. an elephant, which one moment can be used for riding and the next be turned into a boat, a table or a rocking footstool. bObles’ furniture is not only striking design objects in bright colours and geometric shapes – it also gives children a unique opportunity to develop their motor function and understanding of their own body, while playing and using their imagination. “It is incredibly important to our learning later in life that the development of our motor skills as children is not restricted. Children’s body, emotions and learning ability benefit if they move and experiment motorically, e.g. by hanging over the arm of a sofa or rocking on a chair. We have called our animals ‘romping furniture’, because they have been designed to challenge and develop children’s movement skills during play,” explains the designer Bolette Blædel.

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