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Blue Ribbon Pet

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This is in addition to our long list of independent retailers. Birdola®Plus™ continues to be the best-selling bird seed cake in the country. It's small wonder, since the original is still the best.

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In 1988, we at Birdola® Products decided that there had to be a better way to feed wild birds. We had the same troubles that most wild bird feeders and watchers have encountered. A 50-pound bag of seed tore when being placed in the shopping cart. A little repair later, it ripped again in the trunk, spilling more seeds. More seeds spilled in the yard while filling the bulk feeder, and still more were lost pouring the remainder into a garbage can in the garage for protection from the critters. After all that, birds did flock, but only six at a time could eat. There were only six access holes in the feeder. That’s like inviting the whole family over for Thanksgiving dinner, and only letting six at a time sit down. Birdola® Products began experimenting with ways to create a block of seeds that would allow access to all the seeds for all the birds. We used a blend of wild birds’ favorite seeds that would attract the widest variety of species possible. The first problem was how to hold the seeds together. Molasses only attracted flies. However, licking a postage stamp led to a great idea. It turns out that the U.S. Postal Service uses a natural liquid protein for their glue. A similar commercially available “glue” worked perfectly for a seed binder. It holds the seeds together, yet, birds are able to peck away their favorite seed. Even better, it is natural protein, and healthy for birds. In fact, our two-pound cake of premium seeds is full of healthy grains, like granola. So our granola bar for birds became Birdola®. We also add calcium (for strong bones and eggshells) and grit (to aid digestion) to the mix. As our business as the originator of the cake-feeding system grew, Birdola® Products expanded the product line to include squirrel feed (Squirola®), a mix especially for finches and smaller songbirds (Black Gold™), and today includes Trail Mix, Woodpecker, Deck & Patio (No-Waste), Seed & Suet Duos, Beetle Mania, Safflower, Sunflower, Fruit & Nut cakes, as well as KOB and Big Ol’ KOB for squirrels. Our wire feeder has patented fold-down perches for birds that require one, and clingers can hang onto the wire anywhere on the feeder. Birdola Products’ feeders are a healthier way to feed birds, because birds cannot go to the bathroom in the seed. Any bird waste falls to the ground. And since only premium seeds are used, you won’t find unwanted seeds under the feeder, like you see from cheap mixes that birds will kick away. Working with a nutritional lab Birdola® Products began to add vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to make Birdola® a more complete meal for wild birds. These additions help strengthen immune systems and enhance natural coloring. An all-around healthier bird is less likely to contract one of the avian diseases currently afflicting wild bird populations. These include salmonella, e. coli, avian pox, and others. To reflect this change, Birdola®, became Birdola®Plus™. Birdola now offers hummingbird nectar in environmentally-friendly pouches, and premium bulk seed mixes with unique additives, in lay-down bags and stand up pouches. Our newest innovation is the Stacker cake feeding system which allows you to easily offer several different blends at once to attract the widest variety of wild birds. Birdola® Products continues to be a leader by constantly creating innovative and healthy products for wildlife. Birdola®Plus™ can be found in many fine national retail chains, as well as Home and Garden Centers, Hardware big box stores, as well as pet and wild bird stores. You may even find Birdola® Products’ products in your local grocery store. This is in addition to our long list of independent retailers. Birdola®Plus™ continues to be the best-selling bird seed cake in the country. It’s small wonder, since the original is still the best.

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