Bergman Safety Spanner

Bergman Safety Spanner

Product type: Home Fixtures
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

Bergman Safety Spanner provides tools which is helpful for all home or office fixtures. Their products are developed with the cooperation of the world's largest refineries.

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Bergman Safety Spanners are guaranteed for 1 year; if wrench is broken under normal usage, it will be replaced when returned to manufacturer, and inspection shows no misuse. The wrench will not make sparks or burrs, slip off or damage valves. The properties of the Aluminum-Magnesium alloys used remain constant within the temperature range of minus 76 degrees to 225 plus degrees F. The alloy is used aboard naval vessels where shock loads from torpedo hits may be encountered, in aircraft landing gear, rocket launchers and missiles. The Army uses it in lightweight armor for their tanks. The alloy used is covered by ASTM Specifications B 179-75 and B 26-75, and by Federal Specifications QQ-A-601E and QQ-A-371F. Our Safty-Spanners are used world-wide. Any industry that has valves needs our wrenches to prevent injuries, fires or valve damage.

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