Berg Toys

Product type: Outdoor & Sport Toys, Play Vehicles & RC
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

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What do you need? Of course: attractive and challenging outdoor playthings! Like a trampoline to live it up nicely, or a splendid go-kart to experience a new adventure every day. That’s also what Henk van den Berg thought 29 years ago:

verhaal achter BERG‘On my parents’ farm of course we always played outside. Eventually the time to play was past, and I started thinking about a holiday job. I decided to build a go-kart in my holiday.’

The first BERG go-kart was created with a few pipes, wooden planks, wheelbarrow wheels and a chain and pedals from the cycle shop. This go-kart was sold even before it was finished. The entrepreneurial spirit had been awakened…

‘If I could build one, why not another one? Or two, or three, or …….. many? In the next summer holiday I built around twenty go-karts, which I displayed for sale in the garden in front of our farm.’

And so BERG was created. BERG has meanwhile grown to become the world’s market leader in go-karts. And in addition to go-karts, we make and sell even more outdoor playthings to keep you nicely active, like our BERG Trampolines. You can inspect the BERG Go-karts and Trampolines at our dealers, and of course you can take a test drive.

‘What started in a barn on the farm has now become an international company. Our go-karts are sold in more than 56 countries right around the world. BERG is also a supplier of quality trampolines. A trampoline is a wonderful plaything for children and teenagers. A trampoline also entices kids to be nicely active outdoors. Our own development department devotes a great deal of time to the safety of our products. A BERG Trampoline is a safe trampoline.’

BERG would like children to play actively outdoors as much as possible. That’s why the youngest kids are also not forgotten. For them, BERG developed the Junior line, so that the first go-kart is already waiting for them at a very young age.

‘We work from a very clear drive. Focused on children, conscious of our environment, we want to do our bit for the development of these children. We have expressed this in BERG ’ mission.’

Henk van den Berg