Baby Beehaven

Baby Beehaven

Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Baby-Beehaven is seamlessly integrating style, function and innovation with practicality and utility. We understand the need for mothers of young children to find practical solutions to the problems associated with childcare, and we know a behaving baby can be very important at times. Because of this, we are a company dedicated to providing innovative products to help mothers more easily cope day-to-day life with children. The Baby-Beehaven Stroller DVD Player/organizer was the first product offered, and exemplifies the mission of the company. It is an invaluable product helping mothers keep their child entertained and content, while offering helpful organization features making it much easier to keep important accessories close at hand. As a company, Baby-Beehaven will endeavor to find or develop products to fill basic needs of motherhood, and provide products of exceptional quality at a reasonable price. We will do this while considering style and utility just as important. While Baby-Beehaven is a new company, we value an old world code of ethics and good business practices that will stand firmly behind every product we sell.

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Hi there! I’m Heather, a working mother with two young girls. I did not attend school for business or marketing. Creating the Baby-Beehaven product line has been an incredible adventure for me. I sincerely hope you will enjoy following Baby-Beehaven as we develop products that make our lives as parents easier and our babies happier.

You know how hard it is to get everything done in your day— grocery shopping, dry-cleaning, post-office visits, etc. with a crying baby? Those awkward apologetic smiles at irritated strangers inevitably lead to public embarrassment when your baby hits notes that only dogs can hear.

Trust me… I KNOW! This is why I decided that there has to be a better way.

As a new mother, I found myself frequently searching online for products that could potentially make my life easier as I tackle my daily activities with my little one by my side. On many occasions, using the DVD player in my car proved to be quite useful. My daughter enjoyed watching Elmo so much, that even the longer car rides usually went smoothly. I thought to myself—how can I translate this idea to the stroller where her cooperation becomes more important in public as we run errands together? Wouldn’t it be great to have Elmo along with us if we needed? I cherish having my daughter with me as much as possible. Having a product to keep her engaged even for a short while can only enhance the quality time we spend together. This has proved to be true on many occasions, as you will see!

After much online research, I realized that no such product existed. An idea was born for the See ‘n Store™ stroller organizer with media holder. This idea now has spawned an entire line of products to make parents’ lives easier and more relaxed. Four years later, I am proud and excited to share our products with you. Each Baby-Beehaven product has evolved from my own personal experiences and needs—concepts that I wanted in a product but could not find in the general marketplace. The Baby-Beehaven product line is created by a mommy for mommies, daddies, and of course, for our little ones, too. This is why I know you will find them as useful and essential as I have!
Heather Prattas
Queen Bee
President, Baby Bee-Haven, LLC

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