Product type: Baby & Child Care, Baby Boys Clothing, Baby Girls Clothing
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Ambajam is all about comfort and creating fun and colorful feel good products for you and your little ones!

People often ask me how I started Ambajam and I used to say that I “fell into” the business. I realize now that the answer is far more complex than that!

I am sure you can relate to the challenge of finding that perfect baby gift for someone special in your life. Whether it’s for a friend, family, or your own child, you want a gift that is extra special; something that reflects your style and that will become a favorite of both mummy and baby. While searching for just such a gift for my dear friend’s newborn twins, the seeds of Ambajam were sown. My niece, Emma (nicknamed “Ambajam”), had a beautiful handmade quilt that was given to her as a gift from “Aunt” Susan, a lifelong family friend. I wanted to give the same sort of meaningful, yet useful gift to my friend’s twins, who had had a long and difficult journey into this world.

Working with Aunt Susan to give this traditional piece a more contemporary look, I selected a variety of fabrics with circles and swirls, bright colors, whimsical patterns and irresistible softness. The two quilts that emerged were modern, vibrant and fun—and a huge hit with my friend and everyone who saw them. Before I knew it, those two quilts soon gave way to a whole line of playful, contemporary clothes and blankets for babies and toddlers.

As I mentioned, “Ambajam” was the nickname of my niece, Emma. You may ask how on earth do you get “Ambajam” from Emma…well, that is a question only my very creative sister-in-law can answer! When I was deliberating what to call my new company, I kept hearing “Ambajam” in my head. It was lyrical sounding, playful, expansive and meant something to me. What I didn’t realize initially was that the name also encompassed the initials or letters in my name as well as my mother’s and father’s. I come from a very close family so to be able to capture, knowingly and unknowingly, so many pieces of my family into the name of my company means that my family…and by extension the Ambajam family…are always foremost in who we are as a company.

While Ambajam was launched in late 2006, I realize now that my journey into Ambajam began many years before. As a child I was always drawn to colors and textures. I loved bright and vibrant colors – colors that popped, colors that made me feel happy. I also loved things that felt good. I was a “snuggler” and a “cuddler” who loved to cozy up.

From the start, our blankets have been our signature product line, and in so many ways, they are truly emblematic of what we as a company are all about. A friend described Ambajam blankets as comfort food without the calories! I laughed when she first said that and then thought about it and realized how perfect her comment was. Ambajam is all about comfort and caring, about feeling good and about treating yourself and others well.

Over the years, Ambajam has evolved and our product line and audience have grown and changed yet the core of who we are remains constant. I have always wanted Ambajam to be a company that not only creates unique, attractive, and enjoyable products but also helps to make people feel good, that brightens their day and creates a connection that is meaningful.

You, our customers, are what matters most to us and we welcome you to the Ambajam family!

Ali Mayer